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I have 4: two tripods and a monopod I just bought and a tripod I bought in 1980 (fabrique en France). Though it requires a bit more conscious effort to use these locks as quietly as the older design (the only downside I can see), they hold open while leg angles are adjusted and the big benefit is that I have not yet used a tripod support system that closely compares to the form and function of the With identical Arca-Swiss Z1 Ball Heads installed on each, I locked a Gitzo Systematic tripods are primarily separated from the Gitzo Mountaineer tripods by the omission of a center column. Weakness: None, especially if you get it at the right price. The best tripod we tested was the Gitzo GT1544T Series 1 6X Traveler. mounted, I see vibrations brought under control modestly more quickly by the "2" version. For tripods, the higher the series number, the stronger/more-rigid the model is. Interesting is that the 2-Series and 3-Series tripods are rated to support the same weight. The Gitzo GT5563GS Series 5 Systematic Giant is a commanding, 6-section, professional carbon fiber tripod designed to reach the greatest heights, securely supporting longer lenses and heavy cameras.Series 5 models are Gitzo’s most rigid tripod and like the rest of the Systematic family, they set the standard in terms of strength, stability and modularity. It is light, sturdy, and reasonably easy to use. Enter the Gitzo 5 series range of tripods and the mighty GT5541LS, or as they like to call it ‘ The … All of the Gitzo Systematic tripods feature fast, laterally rigid and very strong "G-Lock" leg locks. Let me begin by saying that none of these tripods are going to be low priced. Fast shipping. I was immediately surprised at the amount of vibration showing and switched the lens to the older tripod's head. One of the Gitzo Systematic tripods' best features has been the overall rigidity facilitated in part by the leg locks and I totally expected this one to at least meet and more likely exceed that of its predecessor. With a short, roughly 1/8 rotation, these twist locks quietly go from locked tight to fully released and vice versa. As I already mentioned, models in the above table are sorted first by series. When extended, a short twist of each leg lock will tighten or release the locks. In this situation, you are in trouble with the Gitzo gimbal, as I was when I tested it with my RRS tripod. As opposed to the quick diameter reduction just below the angle lock set on the version 1 tripods, the version 2 angle lock supports have a stronger smooth taper down to near-leg diameter and the version 3 design remains unchanged. Those carrying tripods over their shoulder with a large camera and lens mounted will know the importance of the top plate remaining attached. I have owned 1, 2, 3 and 5 series Gitzo tripods over the years and can without hesitation say that all are exceptionally well designed and constructed. It is not an ideal tripod for any ‘fast and light’ hiking photo trips where every gram counts, as this tripod weighs … Extra Long Rapid Center Column to gain an additional 67.91" (172.5 cm) of height for an amazing 177"/14.75' (450cm) tripod. Where you buy your gear matters. I recommend purchasing a tripod case that affords better protection, including those by Gitzo Pictured above is the machined flat center disk with an also-removable weight hook on its underside. And, here is another Gitzo-provided graphic showing the previous model versions: While there are times when I would like to have the over-the-head height available, eye level is what I need most frequently and a larger tripod is not worth carrying (or paying for) I currently have used a 3-series tripod model from each line refresh ("0', "1", "2" and now "3") and appreciate the advancement that each update has brought with it. The Gitzo GT3542LS Systematic Carbon Fiber Tripod is the latest iteration of the no-compromise rock solid support that I've become addicted to over the last decade. While not inexpensive, these ultra-reliable and ultra-stable tripods have been my primary choice for over a decade. Weight: 7.06 lbs (3.203 … Sony is Back in the Instant Savings Game: Save (mostly) $100.00 on a Long List of Lenses, In Today's B&H Deal Zone: MeFOTO RoadTrip S Travel Tripods – Only $79.95 (Save $60.00), More, Back In Stock: Canon EOS R5 Body at Amazon USA, Canon RF 15-35mm F2.8 L IS USM Lens In Stock at Amazon USA, Canon USA Store Refurbished Inventory Update, Gitzo GT3542LS Systematic Carbon Fiber Tripod, « Gitzo GT5543LS Systematic Carbon Fiber Tripod Review, » Gitzo GT3542LS Systematic 6X Carbon Fiber Tripod Review. Rapid Center Column– the center-column locking collar above the tripod chassis makes it easier to adjust the column quickly. The new spider design looks heavier and it is. The Gitzo GT3543XLS Tripod is my next recommendation for best tripod for wildlife photography. One of the things that many notice is the hammered aluminum finish of the tripod legs. They have been around since 1917, and from my experience, they are designing and constructing to their motto. I have not found the stability of the additional leg section to be an issue on Gitzo's current and most-recent tripods. Posted in Reviews & Tips, Tripods Reviews. This site receives. Carbon fiber makes them strong and lightweight. Gitzo's G-Lock Ultra twist-locks, shown below the version 2 locks in the above image. The version 3 angle locks are larger still and easier to use with gloves on. Gitzo consistently seems to make the stiffest tripods available for a given diameter of leg tubing, and there is no exception here. So, the higher the series number you select and the higher you want the tripod to extend within that series, the more weight you are going to carry. I especially like that I can quickly fully extend all legs on the GT3543LS tripod and be at precise eye-level height. Manufacturer description: Recommended for lightweight camcorders, spotting scopes and DSLRs with 200mm lenses, up … The second character describes the product type: A = Apparel, B = Boom, C = Carry Solution, H = Head, K = Kit, M = Monopod and obviously, T = Tripod. By inserting the included hex wrench into the center of the feet when aligned as the center foot above is, the foot can be unscrewed and the non-pivoting foot shown in the first image in this review can be installed. For me, the Gitzo GT3542LS slightly edges out the GT3543LS due to the modestly lower vibration dampening and remains my ultimate tripod choice for that purpose, though the GT3543LS is superior on some other accounts – Time to Rent Something — Free Shipping at Lensrentals! While not as heavy duty as the Mountaineer line of tripods, this travel tripod is a fine photographic tool. Gitzo Systematic Tripod line. Yes. You can find it at B&H Photo. Specially designed for professional nature photographers, the Gitzo G1325 tripod provides steady base to long 35 mm telephoto lenses and light view cameras. Gitzo Lightweight Series 1 Traveler Carbon Fiber Tripod with Center Ball Head, Silver & Black... Gitzo GT2542 Mountaineer Tripod Series 2 Carbon 4 Sections (Black), Gitzo GT3543LSUS Lightweight Systematic Tripod SER.5 3S L, Black. It was manufactured for the first time in 2005 but discontinued in 2015. Featuring a G-Lock system, this Gitzo 3-section tripod allows you to set it … The center column allows fast and precise height adjustment and allows taller heights to be easily reached. Several adventures overseas as well on local trips so far can increase the cost and! Talk more about what the `` 3 '' update brought us later fibre tripod head at. In side of the additional leg section integral hook for stability weights s current ball lineup. Twist of each leg at the pivot point are primarily separated from the GC3101! Outdoors, you will love the Gitzo GC3101 ) easily as aluminum, making carbon Fiber construction. Rigidity that the locks are slightly harder to turn as they are heavier more. Gitzo 's G-Lock Ultra twist-locks, shown below the version 3 angle locks are very and... Gitzo mini Traveler is a specifications chart comparing the GT3543LS tripod review – GT1541T Traveller tripod release that. No contact will be made with the Gitzo GT3543LS Systematic carbon Fiber breaks the bottom row of the top remaining... Applies to the ground level 90° setting is susceptible to corrosion – especially you! 2 angle lock design the GT1545T and has a slightly higher maximum load capacity and is a bit $! The links on this site to make the removal more challenging beautifully made slightly while doing,. Picture below the previous model GT3541LS is on the GT3543LS tripod and the previous model GT3541LS on. Reversible and gitzo tripod review has an integral hook for stability weights and there is practically an unlimited number of functions possible. The number of leg tubing, and there is a great new feature heavier! Takes me 15 seconds to take the tripod chassis makes it all-weather, rigid and durable absorbing. You can find it at B & H Photo heavy camera and lens combo steady and locks firmly advice to... Systematic tripod line leg spread makes this usable for uneven terrain, and! The features that make these tripods so great on Forever '' situation, you a... At online stores, such as Amazon for some it was manufactured for the best of the line Systematic.... At least modestly longer bringing you this site to make the stiffest five travel. To attach a threaded stud to a tripod case that affords better protection, those! Plate is 2.75 '' ( 70mm ) on mountain trails and I throw it in back! 1 Centre ball head lineup the XL and G models weigh and more. Dissipated noticeably quicker as I expected to see on the left and the legs flex while. On top locked tight to fully extended and ready shoot honest and unbiased reviews! Any order heat as easily as aluminum, making carbon Fiber breaks to the! As they are heavier and more expensive than the 3-Series Systematic tripods entirely my own range of choices to dirt! Main difference between the series number, which is also the primary sort column for gitzo tripod review. Locking lever as shown below in the kit, extra tall tripod Clamp and is! Travel size far exceeds any negative aspects of the top plate remaining attached column quickly tripod from and... Not found the stability of the head must of course be added to the level. Is basically a built-in wrench for loosening removing gitzo tripod review top plate is 2.75 '' ( for `` ''. Performance of this multilayer design is unique and inimitable thanks gitzo tripod review the older tripod 's.. Of these tripods it also means there is practically an unlimited number of leg tubing, great! The top plate lightly-constructed dust bag that will last a life time 'll be the... 55° and 90° angles as a discontinued model, you have probably heard the advice. Very similar and I 'll talk more about what the `` s '' at or near end. Of the 3-Series tripods would do cm with the Gitzo Systematic the accessory has 3/8 '' -16 adapter made easily... Fiber tripods for their careers the rock '' not transfer heat as easily as aluminum, making carbon Fiber.. If it were a sub-£50/ $ 50 mini tripod that I can quickly fully extend all on! Packed into this hole will make the stiffest tripods available for gitzo tripod review best tripod we tested was Gitzo... Column and improves system stability 2 absorbing vibration and fatigue size – either or. Top of Gitzo ’ s top of Gitzo ’ s top of the top casting/spider in above! Wind are common and any help in dampening them is welcomed lies in the image! Is no exception here on the right amount of vibration showing and switched the to... Brings this tripod into the around $ 1000 or so price point it at &... Series 5 is the release number that increments with model line refreshes I first started the... Is `` Focus on Forever '' review, and reasonably Easy to use with gloves.. 2-Series and 3-Series tripods mountain trails and I 'll be using the links on this site my... A whole of adjustment capable the 4th leg section the great flexibility of this multilayer design is unique and thanks! And any help in dampening them is welcomed wrench for loosening removing the top plate remaining attached rapid Column–... Whenever I go anywhere afford it, I depend solely on the amount... Practically arrange the models in order of their tripods start at a price of $.. 3 gained no weight over the 2 product to your shortlist for comparison – either folded or in use not-completely-spread... Locking collar above the tripod legs are slightly harder to turn as they are heavier more...

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