About Taransay

As many of you will know, Taransay is a small island off the west coast of Harris in the Outer Hebrides which was made famous by the BBC way back in the year 2000 with the original reality TV show “Castaway.”  Every year since, for one summer week, Taransay has become the spiritual home of the Fidhleirean Eilean and Fhraoich or “The Fiddler’s of the Heather Isles.”  As each year, over 60 fiddlers gather to learn new tunes and enjoy each other’s company!  And a nicer, more welcoming bunch of people you will never meet! This week of fiddling, rivals the best fiddle camps around the world because of the high class of tuition offered by the professionals who come and teach us morning, noon and night.  But more than that, much more than that…   The solidarity and uniqueness of being stranded on this most beautiful of the Hebridean Islands with those who adore fiddle music and share the possibility of a week’s intensive opportunity to improve their skills builds a community spirit which binds us together! Of course, we have other distractions too!!!  The excellence of Hebridean home baking, light liquid refreshment (as well as Tea) and a good dose of hilarity and nonsence is what keeps us all returning on this pilgrimage year after year! As you read on and view the gallery you’ll no doubt see what I mean! Colin MacLeod

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