To run the Taransay Fiddle Camp takes a real team of staff who contribute for months in advance preparing so that each camp is safe, fun and successful.

Dolan Morrison (aka The Chairman)

DolanDolan is the hallowed chairman. Always in complete control of everything. Always making sure that things run to time and that everything is in order. He works endlessly 28 hours a day.Ex 60`s and 70`s rock star with infamous lewis band Island Express.

Woody (aka David Wood – The Treasurer)

WoodyWoody is the treasurer of Fidhleirean Eilean an Fhraoich send him a deposit in January and a final cheque just before you arrive and he’ll be happy! Just don’t ask him to spell anything!!! 馃檪

International logistics expert,vegetable grower and dab hand at smoking. (salmon.)

Isobel & Catherine

Isobel and Catherine Isobel and Catherine run the Catering Division. Making sure that more than 60 people don’t starve is no mean feat. But this pair give everybody a home cooked meal, home backing, home made soup and cater for all sorts of food allergies. If you have a special dietary requirement then don’t forget to let this pair know and they will do their utmost to cater for you.Experts in Hebridean cuisine.

Willie MacCrae (aka Caledonian MacCrae)

willie macrae_copyMarine Division – Captain Willie MacCrae is noted for his witty charm and conversation. Eloquent, Willie has a word to describe all situations and if there’s a catastrophe to be dealt with Willie will no doubt be at the centre of it!

Kenny MacLean(Spoonyan)

kenny_copyJoiner,marquee specialist,overseer,joker,footballer and golfer extraordinaire.Always on hand to tell others what to do.

Murdo Johnson

murdo_copyChief mechanic,generator operative,music director,works like a trojan fulfilling many tasks throughout the year behind the scenes.

Allegedly a dab hand with the melodian.

Willie MacKenzie

willie mackenzi copyWater engineer,percussionist,anchor man,boat man.


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