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2009 Tutors Mp3s

      Cromdale and Braes of Marr. A.Henderson 2009
      Gaelic Air A.Henderson 2009
      Sitting in the stern of a Boat A.Henderson 2009
      Braes of Castle Grant Mrs Macdonald A.Henderson 2009
      Cabers of Kirkubricht A.Massie
      Anna Massie.2009
      Anna Massie (2)2009
      Anna Massie (3)2009
      Anna Massie (4)2009
      Mrs Forbes.Anna Massie.2009
      Miss Anne Moyers Birthday.Anna Massie 2009
      Out on the Ocean.Anna Massie.2009
      Tim Eadie Jig.Anna Massie.2009
      Welcome Return.Anna Massie.2009
      Three Kerry Polkas.C.Mackerron.2009
      Gary Porch.C Mackerron.2009
      Charlie (1)2009
      Patsy Reid (1)2009
      Patsy Reid (2)2009
      Patsy Reid (3)2009
      Patsy Reid (4)2009
      Swinging Tears.Aly White.2009
      My tune in g.Aly White.2009
      Procastinator.Aly White.2009
      Quality.Aly White.2009
      Gaelic Tune Beginners Class.Aly White.2009

Petition for change to Licensing Act 2003.


As you may know, the Government recently turned down the recommendation of the Committee for Culture, Media and Sport to exempt music venues of 200 capacity or less from the provisions of the Licensing Act 2003, that require them to be licensed for live music events.The Number 10 live music petition calling on the Prime Minister to implement new entertainment licensing exemptions for small gigs reached 8,000 signatures this morning:

In just over three weeks it has risen to 23rd in the list of over
5,000 petitions on the Number 10 website.  But many more signaturesare needed if the petition is to make an impact on the press and politicians.  If you haven’t already signed, please consider signing and circulating the petition link.

The Licensing Act 2003 was a dog s dinner with regard to its treatment of live music. For reasons that the Government has never explained, widescreen television in pubs was not subjected to the licensing  regime that it imposed on live music. There was in fact no requirement to license music in the first place, as Local Authorities already had sufficient powers to deal with issues of public disorder or overcrowding and any other perceived perils. The truth is that the Government did not know what they were doing or why and their advisors at the DCMS were equally ignorant.

Do please take three or four minutes to sign the petition. Then please forward this email to all your music-loving friends and colleagues.

Ros Gasson

On the ‘One and Other’ plinth

On the ‘One and Other’ plinth.
I’m delighted that I’ve been offered a place on the ‘One and Other’ 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square, and will be there with my fiddle
in the small hours of Sunday 13th September. I’m aiming to use the opportunity to raise some money for charity, and also raise
awareness of the Scots Music Group, so please pass this information on to anyone who you think may be interested. The hour is
recorded by ‘One and Other’ and will be streamed live on their website while I’m on the plinth.

As part of my hour on the plinth, I’ll be playing a lovely new tune, which has been specially composed by Sarah Northcott (who has
been a tutor with SMG since 1992). The tune currently has no name. An online auction, selling the right to name the new tune, will
be launched immediately after my spot on the plinth. The money from the winner’s bid will be donated to a charity of their choice.
Bids can be made online anytime during the week from 1am on Sunday 13th September and 1am on Sunday 20th September. There’s more
information on the auction here:

I’ll be joined by 5 friends from the Diggers session in Edinburgh, who will be recreating a typical Scottish traditional music
session at the base of the plinth. (Due to restrictions by the GLA, who have given us permission for this session to take place, we
are unfortunately not allowed to make this an open session, and have had to limit it to 5 musicians) If you are in London that
night, do come along and say hello!

I am also inviting people to pledge donations to the Scots Music Group, in return for which I will be making dedications from the
plinth top. More information about this here:
You can pledge to watch, and leave messages on the One and Other website here:

Ros Gasson

More Slow Play Tunes by Alistair White

      wee tod
      tongadale reel
      three kopanistas
      stan chapman
      snug in a blanket
      rory macleod
      pumkins fancy
      pig ankle rag
      paddies leather breeches
      ness bochan
      mrs macleod
      midnight and ashokan
      margarets waltz
      kenny macdonalds jig
      kenny gilles