Slow Play tunes by Aly White 2005.

Photos 2005

Concert 2005 Mp3s

Stramash . Concert 2005

Lynsey and Louise. Orange Blossom Special. Concert 2005

Lynsey and Louise.Concert 2005

Andy Lyons and Andrew Macintyre. Pipers .Concert 2005

Taransay Gaelic Choir .Concert 2005

Weavers Shuttle. Colin and Patsy.Competition Winner. Concert 2005

Advanced and Intermediate Class Waltz Concert 2005

Alan Henderson and Patsy Reid. Slow Air and Reels. Concert.2005

Alan Henderson and Patsy Reid,Reels. Concert 2005

Catriona Watt .Concert. 2005

Andy Thornburns Hornpipes.Concert 2005

Patsys Class.Instanbul.Concert 200

Joe and Ellie.Students. Concert 2005

Patsys intermediate and advanced class. 2005 concert

Patsy Reid and Kieth Morrison.Concert 2005