A perfect blend of live contemporary folk music; including film, photographs and words. Kin is a beautifully crafted journey into the past, which is illuminating, evocative and moving. Kin delivers a deep understanding of people and place that is truly unforgettable. Duncan Chisholm demonstrates what can be achieved by crossing the boundaries. A multi-media production; Kin celebrates landscape, language, tradition, community and family – young and old. These are the things, which Duncan describes as being fundamental to the Highland psyche, “to our place in the world and to the inspiration of our people”.

Cuine When: 8.00pm Dihaoine Friday 22 An t-Samhain Novemberkin_large

Spencie’s Tunes Vol 3 CD

Spencie’s Tunes Vol 3 CD

The new CD containing 30 tunes which have been written mainly for commissions in 2010 and 2011.

Spencie plays all the instruments on the CD including fiddle, mandolin, banjo, guitar and bass.  There are also three special guests on accordion: Sylvia Priest (track 2),  Graham Geddes (track 12) and Hunter Nisbet (track 17).


1. Solnabrake 2. Sonia’s Pride Of Erin  3. A Reel For Frances  4. The Graham Hughes Two-Step  5.Ashley’s Awesome  6. Da Forty Bob Waltz 7. Brian & Margaret’s Golden Wedding  8. Gerry Firmin’s Hornpipe  9. Purple Summer  10. Douglas’ Waltz  11. Vicky & Leslie’s Wedding  12. Tune For Graham Geddes  13. P.S.Krakatt  14. Annette’s Skaw Waltz  15. The Captain’s Bride  16. Sigurd Snake Eye  17.Marjory’s Waltz  18. Spirit Of The People  19. Elaine Copland’s Reel  20. Gemona  21. Jennifer’s Ordale Waltz  22. Nancy & Magnus’ Golden Wedding  23. Da Hendersons O’ Voesgarth  24. Kenny’s Reel  25.Marrats Houl Reel  26. Da Wastside Wedding March  27. Derek & Katy’s Reel  28. Isla’s Reel  29.Steve’s Waltz  30. Serpentine Reel

To listen to sound samples from the CD click HERE

Price £10 – FREE DELIVERY!!

Vamm at the Scots Fiddle Festival in Edinburgh

The final Saturday recital at the Scots Fiddle Festival in Edinburgh was the first gig for Vamm, a new band formed by fiddlers Catriona Macdonald and Patsy Reid, with Marit Falt on mandola.

Catriona Macdonald, fiddler

Photo - Catriona Macdonald, fiddler with the band Vamm, playing at the Scots Fiddle Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland

Patsy Reid, fiddler

Photo - fiddler patsy Reid, playing with the band Vamm at the Scots Fiddle festival in Edinburgh, Scotland

Vamm playing their first gig

Photo - Vamm playing their first gig at the Scots Fiddle Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland

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