Fidhleirean Eilean An Fhraoich. Chairman’s Report 2004 AGM.

Fidhleirean Eilean An Fhraoich.
Chairman’s Report 2004 AGM.
Firstly I would like to thank those committee members whom have over the year done lots of work regarding the fiddle group.Taransay two was a resounding success in all respects .
The concerts in the Legion to raise funds for the hall were a disaster on both occasions.
The potatoes and herring night in the golf club was a success with good funds being raised.This well worth repeating.Thanks to Isobel Macritchie and Willie Macrae for help  there.
Appearances in public included the Church of Scotland fete as well as appearances at the Accordion and Fiddle club where the fiddlers get most exposure.This is a great opportunity where any potential fiddlers can sample what we are about.
There is still a problem in attracting new members and more effort is required to attract new members to the club even if players are at an early stage.
Our independence is being threatened.
I have been approached to become affiliated with an umbrella organisation.There is now so  much demand for funding with other organisations after their slice of the action the powers that be are not going to hand out funding to everybody.
Nevertheless the decision will soon have to be taken do we almalgamate,or become affiliated,or stay independent.It is up to you.
Even at this late stage funding for Taransay 3 (CNES) is not forthcoming and even after all this time we are being confused with Accordion and Fiddle club who also apply for funding for tuition.
I would like to thank WIE and CNES for their funding up to this point.Their contribution makes life a bit easier financially.
The hall costs are approx #500-600 per annum.This is a large sun as we never had to pay this kind of money previously.There was a misunderstanding regarding hall access recently.This has now been sorted out and we can use the hall during the week  as long as the keyholder is informed.
Keyholders in the fiddle group are,Dolan,Kenny and Woody.
The tune books and cds have been a success with 20 copies of book 1 ,5 copies of cd 1 been sold.
Tune book 2 is now ready and available to order.
All proceeds to club funds.
It is hoped to get Patsy Reid back for a series of tuition weekends.Hopefully these will be starting soon.
It would be nice to find out numbers to see how many are interested bearing in mind at Patsys` last class there were only five fiddlers.
Taransay 3 is just about organised.Tutors are Charlie mackerron,Chris Stout,Alistair White, and Patsy Reid.
Taransay fiddle club has just been voted No1 fiddle camp in the Uk on the Fiddle on magazine.This is good news for the club and I would like to thank everyone for their contribution.
Slow sessions should be every Monday and I thank my esteemed vice-chairperson for spending time doing slow sessions and teaching new tunes throughout the year.If we publicise the slow sessions I reckon we could get more fiddlers out there interested.
The club is also looking for volunteers.There is plenty to do.
We still have an outstanding problem and it is a shame that I have to report the fact that we still have not received the flight case for our mixer from Fonn after two years.
Mr W ood is still negotiating with Mr Eadie but if we are not successful we will be taking legal action against Fonn Music Shop.The outstanding sum is #120.00
There was a recording made of the concert in Tarbert last year after Taransay.It is an excellent concert but the sound is a bit distorted in some parts .If any members would like a copy let the chairman know and he will make a copy.Price #5.00 each for club funds.
A meeting took place in Tarbert last August with Harris Arts and Leisure,CNES  and myself.Is is hoped to take some youngsters from Harris over to Taransay this year to give them a taste of Taransay.Mr Duncan Macpherson,Harris has organised another meting in a couple of weeks and it is hoped that any funding that he gets we will be invited to the fiddle tuition in Harris.
Finally I would like to thank all Committee members,members and volunteers for making the club so successful throughout the year.
Chairman,Dolan Morrison

Potato and Herring Traditional Music Event. (Bunta`ta angus Sgadan)

Potato and HerringTraditional Music Event. (Bunta`ta angus  Sgadan)

Fiddlers of the Heather Isles on the Island of Lewis held a very traditional evening on the 28th November 2003.
Salted herrings and mackerels were served up during the ceilidh with boiled potatoes(roosters),butter and fresh milk.This was the staple diet on the islands up until not very long ago.Salting was the system of preseving the fish over the winter periods in days gone by before refrigeration.The fish were gutted and then layered in buckets and salted.This could then be eaten within a matter of weeks when boiled.
Fingers were used to eat the fish in the old days but it was noted that most guests used a knife and fork to eat the fish this time.
One of the benefits of eating salted fish of course is the tremendous thirst that develops after a while.
On the musical side of things performing at the ceilidh were Dougie Kane on the pipes,Catriona Watt gaelic singing,Sticks and Drones a local bagpipe and drums group,Heather isle fiddlers the local fiddle organisation,Campbell Maclean on accordion,the Kane brothers and star of the show “Tiene”which translates to Fire,Lynsday Macritchie(Keyboards),Judy Morrison(Clarsadh),and Catriona on low “D”whistle.The highlight of  the Tiene performance was a beautiful version of Phil Cunninghams` Youngest Ancient mariner`.
The finale of the evening was all the fiddlers on stage playing a series of 6/8`s ,Nell Flahertys` Drake,Ness Bochan,Wee tod,Kenny Gilles of Portnalong to an Orcadian Strip the Willow.
Then followed a gaelic waltz to the tunes
MorunGeal Dileas,Cailuin mo Ruansa and Morag of Dunvegan.
It is refreshing to report that the majority of the musicians donating thier talents on the evening were teenagers.Every one of them are serious players in their own disciplines.It bodes well for the future of traditional music in the hebrides.

Dolan Morrison
Fiddlers of the Heather Isles.

Fidhleirean an Fhraoich 2000/01

A Sample of Public Performances to 13/10/01

Dunoon Mod October 2000,

Tuesday-Appearance at Argyll Hotel Foyer.
Live appearance at Sinbads hotel.Audience,100
Wednesday-Live appearance with Irish fiddler
Gavin Pennicook
Live appearance at Clansman hotel.
Thursday-Appearance with local fiddlers Carnyx
Appearance for Gaelic choirs.Audience 200
Friday-Live appearance  plus workshop at Glasgow hotel with
fiddle groups from Dunoon,Gourock and Islay.
Evening appearance at Park hotel with Jon Atchinson.
Saturday-Live appearance on M.V.Suilven.Audience 150.

November 2000-Charity benefit performance for local
hospital.Audience approx 150.
Performance for Stornoway Rugby Football Club.
Recording for Tigh Cherseva (Uist) film Passing Places.
June 2001-Concert for Macmillan Cancer fundraising.
July 2001-Live appearance at Lewis and Harris accordion and Fiddle Club.
Live performance at Stornoway Golf club entertaining at
Western   Isles Championship.
Public performance with tutor Ronan Martin (Skye)at
Macneils Stornoway
Performance at rural wedding in Uig,Lewis.
Performance at Inverie,Knoyard .
August 2001-Concert performance at Tidh Donnachaidh,Ness,Lewis
Concert performance at St Marys` Hall Benbecula
Public performance at Orasay Inn,Benbecula
Public performance at Isle of Barra hotel ,Barra.
September 2001-Laxdale Gaelic Choir 50th anniversary concert.
October 2001-Appearance at Royal National Mob Fiddlers Rally.