2009 Tutors Mp3s

      Cromdale and Braes of Marr. A.Henderson 2009
      Gaelic Air A.Henderson 2009
      Sitting in the stern of a Boat A.Henderson 2009
      Braes of Castle Grant Mrs Macdonald A.Henderson 2009
      Cabers of Kirkubricht A.Massie
      Anna Massie.2009
      Anna Massie (2)2009
      Anna Massie (3)2009
      Anna Massie (4)2009
      Mrs Forbes.Anna Massie.2009
      Miss Anne Moyers Birthday.Anna Massie 2009
      Out on the Ocean.Anna Massie.2009
      Tim Eadie Jig.Anna Massie.2009
      Welcome Return.Anna Massie.2009
      Three Kerry Polkas.C.Mackerron.2009
      Gary Porch.C Mackerron.2009
      Charlie (1)2009
      Patsy Reid (1)2009
      Patsy Reid (2)2009
      Patsy Reid (3)2009
      Patsy Reid (4)2009
      Swinging Tears.Aly White.2009
      My tune in g.Aly White.2009
      Procastinator.Aly White.2009
      Quality.Aly White.2009
      Gaelic Tune Beginners Class.Aly White.2009

More Slow Play Tunes by Alistair White

      wee tod
      tongadale reel
      three kopanistas
      stan chapman
      snug in a blanket
      rory macleod
      pumkins fancy
      pig ankle rag
      paddies leather breeches
      ness bochan
      mrs macleod
      midnight and ashokan
      margarets waltz
      kenny macdonalds jig
      kenny gilles

Slow Play Tunes by Alistair White

      Ale is dear
      auld lang syne
      athole highlanders
      donella beaton
      caliope house
      california and bluehill
      bridge of allan waters
      blackberry bush
      big chest
      jig run rig
      inspector donald campbell
      huntingtone castle
      highlanders revenge
      hector the hero
      harvest home
      gaelic waltzes
      father john
      farewell to nigg
      far oer struy
      dunvegan and father angus macdonnel