Tell Captain Macrae, First Mate Mel and UnAbleSeaman Henderson that purchase of
whisky is more effective than threats of burning my canoe at keeping me quiet!
Though actually it was innocent bystander Colin and UAS Henderson that let the
cat out of the bag not me! And if my canoe mysteriously self-combusts the story
of my first rescue of the marine division that week may hit the headlines!

Thanks Dolan – to you and all your lovely minions(?!) for such a superb week
last week. I can’t explain how special it is for all of us and I just hope you
understand anyway! I enjoyed it even more than last year which was quite
difficult. It was by far the best week of the year for me and possibly even of
the decade – not sure my memory is all that reliable though! I really hope I get
to celebrate my next decade in such style! Or better still in exactly the same
way… I just hope you all have the enthusiasm to keep running it forever
somehow or other!! The best bits are the really special people and it’s so nice
to see some of the youngsters blossoming. I wish I had had such an experience at
that age – I bet it is a bit of a life changing event for most of them. I dont
want to have to wait a year to see you all on the next one! Hope some of you are
passing Edinburgh during the year – spare bed/floor always on offer… and lots
of friends to visit down here…

Pauline Thompson


Author: dmorrison

Dolan Morrison is Chairman of Fidhleirean Eilean an Fhraoich and the first point of contact for anybody interested in coming to Taransay Fiddle Camp.

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