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Dear all,

For all those going to Taransay and who fancy the latest in hip and trendy on Taransay this year! This year’s style reflects the more back to basics style in French Blue and corrected spelling. The Taransay Retailers Association (TRA) have endeavoured to keep pricing low however we have had to include some flexibility for rising costs before the ordering deadline. However, the TRA promise to passing any profits back to the bar.

If you wish to partake of the latest of “Taransay Fashion” this year then check out these original styled Taransay Merchanise (attached.) Remember these will not be available in any shops and will not be available for sale on the Island. Oh no! We are operating a strictly pre-order system for you this year with the added benefits of merchandise being correct in your ordered size!

To order, simply see the attached documents and return to me by the deadline Friday 27th May 2011. Also, if you know anybody not on the mailing list or those who do not have e-mail can you make sure that this gets to everybody. Particularly those who are not always on-line!

Finally, apologies if anybody received the e-mail with the full-size photos. I cancelled it when I realised I hadn’t resized the photos to a more manageable size. Any problems then give me a bell!

Many thanks and I look forward to receiving your orders.

Colin MacLeod


Author: dmorrison

Dolan Morrison is Chairman of Fidhleirean Eilean an Fhraoich and the first point of contact for anybody interested in coming to Taransay Fiddle Camp.

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